Sophia Intelligence is a venture studio dedicated to research, problem solving, and investment in the next generation of blockchain technologies and economic models.

As we enter the fourth industrial revolution, we are seeing a shift from traditional investments to cryptocurrency and blockchain based assets, which will mark the greatest transfer of wealth in our lifetime. Download our white paper, where we lay out the case for cryptocurrency and blockchain assets.
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Dusty Wunderlich
Dusty Wunderlich is an entrepreneur, cryptocurrency trader-miner, and economic theorist.

Prior to Sophia, Dusty founded Bristlecone Inc. in 2013, a financial technology company which builds proprietary technologies and machine-learning algorithms to better serve consumers in the credit markets. Before his career as an entrepreneur, Dusty spent his time learning the markets working on private equity and M&A transactions.

An avid student of the markets and advocate for new economic models driven by innovative technologies, Dusty is determined to drive social change by building better financial models. When he’s not in a passionate pursuit of disruption, Dusty is studying philosophy and training for his next mountaineering endeavor.
Miles Brazil
Miles is an entrepreneur who left his marketing firm in 2016 to seek the thrills of entrepreneurship in new industries.

Miles received his undergraduate education from the University of Arizona, studying in the world’s leading department on the Philosophy of Freedom. Due to his passion for philosophy and the Austrian school of economics, his work at Sophia aims to maximize human flourishing through the consistent advancement of property rights and self ownership.

He and his wife Jordyn have three children, and he can usually be found drinking coffee or riding motorcycles.
Jake Warner
Jake is the CEO and founder of Petrichor, Inc. and Before founding Petrichor, Jake worked as a Senior Developer at SingleHop, one of the industry’s first infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) providers. While there, Jake led the development of LEAP3 – an award winning cloud control panel, and helped automate their data centers.

Jake is a driven, enthusiastic entrepreneur who has always set ambitious goals and has a passion for developing systems that can scale and repair themselves without human intervention.

Recently, Jake has also joined Sophia Intelligence to help provide technical oversight and develop new innovative products and services within the crypto and blockchain space.

We're a passionate group of entreprenuers, developers, and theorists who understand that innovations within the blockchain space will shape the entire future of data-sharing and integrated applications.

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We believe the basis for all technology and entrepreneurship comes from a strong philosophical foundation that is deeply rooted in research. Our market thesis is built upon a foundation of research that is backed by economic theory and historical context. We are theorists and technologists that are always looking at the clues around us to formulate strategies and positions for the future.


We always enjoy hearing from fellow entrepreneurs and thinkers. Please contact us with any ideas or projects based on new economic models or blockchain technologies. We look forward to hearing from you.